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About Us

All of us at Johnny Apple Seed Feed Co. are committed to making the best wildlife attractant on the market today.


You will see that is company is innovative and we plan to expand our formula for a variety of animals including deer, hogs and even bears in near future.


Over the next several months we look to reimage our brand, expand our distribution so hunters across the country can buy buck candy anywhere.


Don't forget you can always find us here or on facebook. Please keep in touch with us as we look to expand our social media efforts, we want you to be the star of our  company, we want you to be successful and can't wait to hear from you.

How to use it...

Another monster buck that could not resist the smell and taste of Buck Candy.

Add to corn

Mix 1/4cup of Buck Candy with 50lbs. of Corn.

Add 3 cups of Buck Candy to your Protein feeders or SpinCast feeder. Buck Candy will "smoke or cloud" out of a spincast feeder . Game can smell it from a long way.

On the Ground

Mix Buck Candy directly into the soil. This works best when you are trying to establish new feeding areas.

Use as a cover scent on the downwind side of your hunting area, we have had results by using it on our boots as well.

163" B&C

143 5/8" P&Y

"I have used buck candy for years, I have real sandy soil and mix the entire jug into my hunting area. You can smell it the entire hunting season. It obviously works!" - J. Angott

152 3/8" B&C

139 7/8" P&Y

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